Tour Review #3: The CSUs

The second school we toured was Cal Poly Pomona, but instead of dedicating this entire review to the one school, I’m going to cover 3 of the 4 CSU campuses we visited in this one entry, as none of the 3 are on her final list, and the reasons are pretty simple.

Cal Poly Pomona

This was a bit of a hike for us too, but as usually we got there early and checked out some of the area. From what we saw, not bad. The campus itself was nice looking too, although they do need to update their campus maps, as the Plexiglas is a bit old and makes it hard to read the map. It wasn’t until the tour started that we realized this wasn’t a good fit. The main reason, it’s a commuter school. I’m not bashing that, but my daughter’s preference is to live in dorms at least the first year (if not longer), and we’re on board with that.

We actually left this tour early, and we weren’t the only ones due to one of the mothers who just seemed hell-bent on embarrassing her kid. I’ll just give one example: When we stopped to talk about the library, she asked if students were allowed to check out books. She wasn’t talking about course ware, we had just covered that one seconds before, she was talking in general. A number of people looked around surprised at that one, but it got much worse as the tour went on, and frankly the guide wasn’t really doing a good enough job of controlling the flow of the tour, so when we got to the dining hall, we joined a couple of other families who decided to call it a tour.


We actually skipped this tour entirely. We originally had it set up as the second tour the day we went to USC, but when we got over to the area CSULA is in, decided we’d be better served to head somewhere else. The majority of the area around the school really didn’t look that great (which post-trip research seems to confirm) and none of us were really feeling it.

CSU San Bernardino

We were all pretty tired by the time we got to this school on day 6, and it was an afternoon tour in unusually warm weather. It was a nice surprise to find out that we were the only ones on the tour, and it would be on a golf cart most of the time. Bonus points to CSUSB for that. The nicest of all 4 CSU campuses that we saw, with some cool facilities (like the observatory), but again, commuter school, so it’s a no-go.

We did tour a 4th CSU campus, which I’ll cover in a separate post later, as she’s still considering applying there.

Like I said, this one was short and to the point :). I’ve got pics from each campus, but will hold off posting them unless anyone wants to see them (since they’re not on the “apply” list for her).

For anyone affiliated in any way with these schools, don’t take any of what I have above personally, they simply just didn’t seem like good fits in her eyes (or ours). 


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