Next Stop: Occidental College

Oxy was our second stop on day 3 in SoCal, and it wasn’t a planned stop. The original school in this slot was CSULA, but as I mentioned in the review of the CSU schools, we decided to skip that one shortly after arriving. Instead of just calling it a day, my wife pulled up her list of additional schools we could look at, and we decided to do a self-guided tour of Occidental.

On a side note: It felt kind of ironic that we toured USC right before Oxy, since USC is right above Oxy on the list of most expensive schools in the country.

When we got there, we were pleased to find that we didn’t have to pay to park, like we did at the larger schools. We headed in to the admissions office and asked for the self-guided tour info packet, which they happily gave us. There was actually a tour that was about ready to start which they likely would have let us join (even though we hadn’t registered for it), but we decided to stick with the self-guided tour.

My wife acted as the tour guide, telling us about each of the buildings as we walked past them (yes, we did actually follow their suggested route). Fairly basic stuff, and once again, it was a nice looking campus. Like Whittier, my initial impression was more of the “prim and proper’ type of school, but I’d already learned my lesson about first impressions on this trip, so I pushed that out of my head.

Overall, a nice campus, some very good info in the packet they gave us, but nothing that really stood out over the others. They did have a picture of President Obama taken near the fountain during his 2 years there, so nice touch, but in the end, there really wasn’t anything that stood out to really interest our daughter enough to make the final list of schools. We were all glad we toured it, though. It certainly can’t hurt to add more data to the list considering the time and money that had been put in to making this trip happen.

Oh, one thing I forgot to mention, when we walked by the student union, we noticed it was roped off with caution tape, and had the word “NERDVANA” up on the building in big letters. We also ran across what looked like dressing/prep rooms while walking around one of the buildings, along with golf carts marked with things like “producers”, and saw a bunch of guys with A/V rigging gear, so we assumed something was being filmed. When we got back to the admissions office, we asked about that, and as it turns out, a crew from TBS was there filming the second season of King of the Nerds. Kinda cool to run across that. A couple of pictures below show what we saw. Unfortunately, we never ran across any of the contestants :(.




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