Next Stop: Loyola Marymount

Sorry for the downtime here, it’s been a busy week at work :). Also, for those who read the Redlands review right after I posted it, I went back a couple of days later and added an update just above the pictures that covers one of the big things we all liked about the school, so be sure to go back and check that out.

By this point on our trip, we’d hit the half-way mark and we’re getting a little tired. Walking a couple of schools a day is pretty exhausting, but we kept going. Loyola was a mixed bag for us. My wife and daughter loved it, while I wasn’t as warm on it initially. In fairness, I wasn’t in that hot of a mood by the time the tour started because of how the morning had gone up to that point. For some reason, we didn’t leave the apartment as early as we had on previous days, and we paid for it. We had no time to look around the area thanks to the wonderful L.A. traffic, and ended up getting there just in time to catch the start of the tour. I hate being late for anything, and tend to get somewhat annoyed when it happens (character flaw).

Our arrival at the school exposed the only thing I really didn’t like about it, there was a ton of construction going on. Driving through that mess and finding a parking lot with an open spot was a pain as a result, and the parking issue was exacerbated by the crowd that was there for the cheer competition going on out on the lawn. As mentioned, we arrived at the admissions building just as the tour was leaving, so the first tour guide coming out grabbed us and added us to her group.

The campus itself was just as beautiful as what we’d seen leading up to this. What made it even better was the view of the city they have:

Loyola overlooking the city

I know I keep saying that each campus is awesome/beautiful/etc, but I promise it’s not just lip service. Just wait, I’ll get to one that wasn’t in a few days 🙂

Loyola has just over 9,000 students total, with over half of that being undergrads. That seems to be a fairly popular stat to look at these days, as the perception is that at a more research-focused school that’s heavy in grad students, undergrads can suffer in that they may not be able to get much time outside of class with certain professors if needed. I’m sure that varies, but still, it was something we had in the back of our mind.

For the most part, the rest of the stats were fairly similar to what we heard at the other schools. As we got near the end of the tour, one of the last things she showed us were the dorm buildings. We couldn’t go in, but I have to say, this was one of the coolest dorm setups we’d seen up to this point. They’re more like apartments, with each grouping that we saw set up the same, 4 buildings around a quad type area. I shot this from one of the quads:

Dorm quad

We all really liked the dorm layout here.

Now, this is one of two schools we visited with any religious affiliation, both being Catholic schools (the other was USD, coming up later). At the risk of being flamed, I’ll freely admit that we’re not religious at all, but still, that’s not what this hunt is about. We’re looking for the schools that we feel are the best fit, and this one is on that list, as she definitely wants to apply here. We have no objections at all, it really seems like a great school.

On to the pictures. Oh, and one of the last pictures that looks like a slab of concrete with graffiti is actually something pretty cool. It’s a chunk of the Berlin wall. There are only a few schools in the U.S. that have a piece, and they’re one, which our guide oddly chose to not mention at all. I just snapped it because I thought it was some artsy thing. It wasn’t until we visited Chapman University (review coming later) that I learned I’d snapped a pic of Loyola’s chunk. That seems like something every tour guide would talk about, but what do I know :).

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