Reflecting on a School Year That’s Just Started

Last night, our daughter’s school held “back to school” night, which allows the parents to hear from their kids’ teachers. They do it slightly differently than I remember it when I was a kid, but in a way that seems pretty standard these days: We get a copy of our child’s schedule when we first get there, and then spend the next hour or so walking her schedule. In each class, the teacher speaks for 10 minutes, after which we get 5 minutes to make it to the next class. It’s always interesting to hear from the teachers, and see if what we’ve heard about their style and personality from our children match what we see in person. This year was a tad bittersweet, however, for one simple reason:

It’ll was our last one.

That’s been a hard thing to think about. Each milestone this school year is the last one. We’ve done our best to soak each one in as it’s come along so far, but as with anything, life can get in the way, and the day may just fly past before you realize it. I really hope that’s not the case this year, so I’m hoping that if I make a list in this post of each of the last events we get to experience this year, I’ll be more likely to remember it. Without any further ado, here we go:

  • Tonight we’re going to the football game at school, as it’s Senior Night. I can’t believe our kid is one of those Seniors. Turns out it was “raise money for the Senior class gift night, I got a bit ahead of myself 🙂
  • In 8 days, she’ll head off to her last Homecoming dance
  • In October, the first competition of her final season of competitive cheer happens
  • In November, we get on a boat for our final Thanksgiving cruise before college. This is the 3rd year we’ve done this, and frankly the most relaxing way to spend a holiday
  • In December, we celebrate our final Christmas in this house
  • In January, she starts her final semester in high school
  • In March, we’ll likely spend Spring Break in Florida, which will also encompass her 18th birthday. We’ll be splitting a house with several other families, and with all of the chaos that I’m sure will ensue, we’ll really need to work to take it all in
  • In April, she’ll attend her final Prom
  • In May, graduation. It feels like she just graduated 8th grade yesterday

Somewhere in there, she may add track and field, but that’s still a question mark at this point. The amount of things we have to get done this year are going to be huge distractions, but I’m going to do my best to stay focused on the moment at hand, take as many pictures as I can, and just enjoy it. The past 3 years of high school have flown by, and I kinda wish this year would slow down a bit, even though I know it won’t.

My wife and I have talked about me going ahead and starting my job search now, and possibly going out to CA early if the right opportunity were to come up. Honestly, I’ve done little on that front so far, in large part because the possibility of missing out on this final year with her isn’t something I’m interested in. I know I’m not handling that in a practical way, but my goal from the day she was born was to be there for her. A huge switch from the “I never want kids” attitude I had before we had her. It’s amazing how much you change the first time you hold your child.

If anyone sees any glaring holes in my list that I missed (standard stuff all kids do in high school), feel free to comment. For those who are or soon will be in this position, don’t let the stress of everyday life cause you to miss out on some of those final moments, you can’t get them back…


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