Four Down, Four To Go!

As we approach the first set of application deadlines, I’m finally finding myself with some time to update our progress, and even a little time to relax 🙂

It’s been a crazy past few weeks, but she started the week ready to apply to her Early Action schools. Initially, the plan was to only apply Early Action to two of the six college on her list, but that’s taken an interesting twist, as she’s recently added two more schools. Both of those go against her goal of moving out to southern California, as they’re in Florida, but at least she’s continuing to evaluate what she wants and adjusting accordingly.

Don’t get me wrong, SoCal is still the primary goal, but a close friend of hers (the same one that toured the schools in San Diego with us) toured a handful of schools in Florida last month and his feedback really piqued her interest. The schools in question are University of Miami and Eckerd College. She didn’t have the chance to actually visit them herself before applying via EA, but she did research both, and we’d talked to reps from both during college fairs here last year. Additionally, we’re heading down to Miami leading up to Thanksgiving, so we’re going to take a detour along the way to stop in Tampa to see Eckerd, then head down and tour Miami the following morning. I’ll be sure to do posts covering each of those tours.

Back on topic, this means she entered the week with 4 applications to submit. Two of the four schools have 11/1 EA deadlines, but both have been extended due to the ongoing issues with the Common App. Her list of schools for EA is:

  • Chapman University (including the Dodge film production supplement)
  • University of Redlands
  • University of Miami
  • Eckerd College

Even with the extensions, her goal was to have them done earlier. She achieved that, submitting all 4, along with the Dodge supplement, tonight. Halloween seems like an odd time to do it, but she was ready to get it done, so she did it, and she had no issues with the Common App along the way.

As she hit submit on each one, she felt a wave of anxiety and fear, thinking that whatever she wrote wouldn’t be good enough. I can attest to all of the hard work she’s put in writing the essays, rewriting the essays, and rewriting them again. After all was submitted, she did feel a big sense of accomplishment in being done with the first group.

She was particularly excited/anxious about the Chapman submission, as she’s busted her butt working on the film school supplement over the past few weeks. One of the requirements on that is (from Dodge’s site):

Create a self-introductory video essay no more than two minutes in length. Your video should visually highlight something about yourself, your personality, your interests, etc. that is not related to film. The only rule is that you may NOT appear in the video in any way (including any photographs of yourself), so be creative

Having observed her approach to this and all the work she put in to it, I could see it wasn’t a simple task. She wanted to do something different, and spent a ton of time looking at other submission videos posted on YouTube and Chapman’s site to see if the idea she’d come up with had been used before. She couldn’t find anything like it, but considering you don’t have to post to YouTube, she doesn’t know for sure that it hadn’t. I personally think she did a great job, as I got to see it all unfold start to finish, acting as technical support for the production of the video. She didn’t have access to a Mac for most of this for various reasons, so she was unable to use iMovie or Final Cut Pro to edit it. That meant using my beast of a laptop with Premier Pro for the video editing and Sound Forge for the audio work. Since she’s not as familiar with them, I made myself available to answer questions and show her how to find different functionality in the new interfaces. Even though she was the one doing all the work with on the script, and doing all of the filming and editing, I admit I had a blast.

So where do we go from here? Well, she’s going to start by taking the weekend off from the college stuff and relax, then get back to the remainder of the apps sometime next week. Even though she’s got a little more time before those are due, she wants to be done with it all by the time we leave on Thanksgiving vacation. Cheer competition season started this weekend (which resulted in her sustaining a hand injury, unfortunately), and school’s still producing a ton of work, so it’ll be hard to squeeze this all in, but she’s got the determination to do it.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween!


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