Double-Check Those College Apps!

As we approach more application deadlines (UC, I’m looking at you!), I thought I’d throw out a little warning about making sure you’ve double-checked the basics on your applications. We did once my daughter was ready to submit (well, she did), but the focus was on ensuring essays were right, supplement requirements had been met, etc. Turns out we all missed one of the small details. Oops…

When she submitted the first four apps on Halloween, she was surprised to find that she wasn’t being charged for any of them, and I was too. At the time, we chalked it up to the issues going on with the Common App right around that first set of deadlines. I certainly had no reason to think we’d been granted waivers based on anything we’d entered, as they don’t ask any financial details that would allow the schools to actually determine eligibility. Over the next few days, it started causing me a bit of concern, so we sat down a few days later and went back through the personal section. It didn’t take long to find out what happened, she’d inadvertently selected “yes” in the waiver request section. It was completely accidental, and had been done weeks before the deadline, as she’d done most of the personal section right after the app opened.

Discovering that kinda ate at me. We don’t fit the criteria laid out in the app, and she and I were both concerned that a mistake like that might impact her applications if they thought we were trying to pull a fast one. She sat down and wrote emails to the admissions reps for our region letting them know what happened, offering to pay the fee if they had some other way for us to do so, since the Common App has no way to go back and fix this. In addition, I’m tagging each of the schools when this post gets tweeted for a reason – we’re happy to pay this and make things right. I hate owing people money 🙂

We’ll see how this plays out, but I certainly hope it doesn’t negatively impact her application. It’s definitely a lesson in double-checking even the smallest of details, especially when your #1 choice is among the schools in question :(.

Tomorrow after school, we pack up the car head down to Florida to get Thanksgiving vacation started. We’re going down a couple of days early to tour a couple more schools, Eckerd College and University of Miami. Per my last post, she actually applied Early Action to both, but we wanted to make sure and get in tours, and since we were headed to Miami anyway, it seemed like the perfect time. It’ll be nice to tour schools when they’re in session too, since we really didn’t get to experience that on the SoCal tours. Reviews of both tours to come!

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving!


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