Now That Was Just Funny…

Just a short post about an amusing bit of mail we got tonight. I got home from the gym and checked the mailbox, and inside was a letter from University of Miami. It was thin, and obviously not more than a single page, so my first thought was: Uh oh, here comes the first denial…

I took it inside, showed it to my daughter, and her first response was basically the same: “Well this can’t be good”. She was in relatively good spirits opening it, especially considering she’s been sick since we got home from the competition this weekend. She opens it, and what do we see? A thank-you letter from admissions for touring the campus. We both got a pretty good laugh out of that.

She’s convinced she’s going to get at least one denial, but hadn’t really prepared for it mentally. I think the false alert tonight helped prepare her for what may come, even though this particular situation ended on a light note.

The waiting game continues… 🙂


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