Things are Starting to Come in to Focus

And I don’t mean that metaphorically. I had my pupils dilated today, and I’m finally getting my vision back. I figured while I was sitting here doing nothing, I’d make myself useful and post a new entry.

Earlier today, my daughter texted me and asked if Chapman had updated her application status, as they’re the next ones who we’re expecting a response from (and one she really, really wants a ‘yes’ from). At that point, I’d been unable to see for about 20 minutes, and couldn’t read the text. It didn’t matter, she already knew the answer since she’d checked already. I think she was hoping that if I logged in, it’d be different than it was a few minutes earlier. It wasn’t, and it still isn’t :(. They don’t actually post the decision online, but a change from ‘decision pending’ to something like ‘decision sent’ would at least indicate that one way or the other, the wait is almost over. Depending on when they’re mailed and how long it takes to get here, I may see the envelope first, as she and my wife will be in Indianapolis for a cheer competition this weekend.

The actual date that film production applicants start getting responses is two days away, but she’s very anxious about it, and we can see the toll it’s taking. The good news is that she doesn’t have a lot of work at school right now, as they had first semester final exams before the break, and second semester doesn’t start until next week, so the only real stress is the anxiety that comes with waiting on the coming college application responses. As a parent, I can see how much it impacts her, and while I want to step in and try to comfort her, I’m doing my best to sit back and let her figure out how to deal with it so she’s prepared to do so next year. I know it’s the right thing to do, but it’s easier said than done. It’s always hard letting go…

That’s about it for now, time for dinner. Here’s hoping that the next few days bring some more good news! Next up: the joys of the FAFSA.

Oh, and incidentally, we’ve been seeing the ads for the second season of King of the Nerds on TBS. We’ve never really been interested in watching it before, but after touring Oxy while they were filming the upcoming season, we’ll probably check out the first few episodes to see the sets again. I have to admit, we all thought seeing that stuff being set up was pretty cool :).


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