The First Dose of Disappointment

Well, she’s now two for three, as the first denial came in last night. Unfortunately, it was from one of her top choices, Chapman University.

She and my wife left for Indianapolis yesterday afternoon for a cheer competition, so the timing wasn’t the greatest. She texted me while they were on the road, asking me to log in to Chapman’s site and check her status, as she knew that film production responses were set to go out. We knew that at most, the status on their site would change from ‘Decision Pending’ to something else, and by the time I had a chance to check, it had, it was showing ‘Decision Reached’. This obviously meant that deferment was not an option, that she was either in or not. I was surprised to find myself feeling anxious as soon as I saw that

By the time I’d checked, she’d fallen asleep while my wife was driving, so I didn’t send her an update. She’d seen Tweets for Chapman earlier in the week indicating that denials would come via email, so I knew that if it was bad, I’d be hearing from her after she woke up. Unfortunately, that ended up being the case. They got about half way to Indy and stopped for the night, and shortly after they got in the hotel room, she called me in tears to tell me the news. Not a good way to start the competition weekend.

It was a rough call, as she really felt like it was the place for her. That, and as we all know, no one likes rejection. Honestly, we knew going in that this was going to be a tough application, and that the denial was a real possibility. What I wasn’t prepared for was how upset she’d be. The dad in me wanted to do whatever he could to comfort her, but I know that she needs these setbacks to help warm her up to the real world. It’s not like she’s never suffered disappointment, it happens all the time. This was different though, and I could hear in her voice just how much it hurt , and it broke my heart a little to hear it. She felt like it killed her future, to which I had to respond and remind her how much I’ve been able to accomplish without ever finishing college. That’s the one thing I want to drive home to her; even if her other top choice rejects her too, it’s in no way the end of her dreams. Her future success is all about the amount of effort she puts in.

In the end, it is what it is, and while I know how hard she worked on her application and short film, I also recognize that life is competitive and challenging. Nothing comes easy, and times like these are what toughen us up. I admit I’m pretty disappointed too, as Chapman’s in a great location, and we all felt like the school was a really good fit for her. The funny part about all of this is that it increases the likelihood that she ends up in Florida. That’s quite a flip, considering when this started she wasn’t at all interested in anywhere other than SoCal. Yes, she has one acceptance from SoCal already, from University of Redlands, but it doesn’t have her desired program of study, which has her leaning towards Eckerd. Who knows, that could all change at the drop of a hat, as she really did like Redlands campus and surrounding area.

Responses still to come:

  • University of Miami (which is taking wwaaayyyy too long for EA, in my opinion)
  • UCSB (her other top choice)
  • UCLA (the ultimate long shot)
  • Loyola Marymount University (last minute addition – literally)

Realistically, I don’t think any of us are expecting an acceptance from UCLA considering how competitive it is. If her numbers weren’t good enough for Chapman, they aren’t going to be good enough for UCLA, either.

Oh well, hopefully her cheer team does well this weekend, and she has fun hanging out in Indy with her friends. I’ll be flying solo this weekend waiting to root on the 49ers Sunday. Fingers crossed for a return trip to the Super Bowl! Oh, and while we weren’t able to make Sunday’s game here in Charlotte, she and I did make it out to the team’s rally on Saturday afternoon. We’re in the center of this shot somewhere:

We had a great time meeting up with other Niners fans, and were very happy with the turnout!

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