A Long Overdue Progress Update

I know I’m behind in updating this, and I owe a part 2 to my last post, but a lot has happened in the past few months, and I simply haven’t had time to keep up with this blog. I spent March travelling, and in general we haven’t been home much:

  • Sadly, the friend I mentioned late last year in this post passed away in late February
  • I was in Vegas for work the first week of March
  • We had a cheer competition in Orlando 3 days after I returned from Vegas
  • Spring break followed immediately after the cheer competition (we rented a house in Clearwater, FL with a couple other families, had a great week with the kids who were there)
  • Her final two cheer competitions in late March / early April were on the road (Myrtle Beach / Atlanta)
  • And of course: work, school, and life in general

I’d like to say that with competitive cheer done, and the college decision made, things are returning to a manageable pace, but I’d be lying. It’s crazy how busy this year has been.

Oh, and yea, as mentioned she has decided on a school. The final tally was 3 acceptances, 4 denials. Two of the acceptances were in SoCal, but neither were her original top two choices (Chapman and UCSB were both denials). In making her decision, she surprised us in a couple of ways.

First, she chose Eckerd. The main reason that surprised us is that it flies in the face of her original goal of going to SoCal no matter what. We all liked the school when we visited, and felt that it would be a very good fit for her. She’s got two classmates (including her best friend who toured the San Diego schools with us, but fell in love with Eckerd as soon as he saw it) going as well, which I’m sure doesn’t hurt. She and my wife are headed down there right now for admitted students weekend, and she’s pretty excited about it (she’d better be bringing me back a shirt and an ‘Eckerd Dad’ sticker for my car :)). Someone started an ‘Eckerd Class of 2018’ Facebook page a few months back, which she found pretty quick, and she’s made a ton of new friends before she even started he first day. It’s amazing how much social media has changed our lives.

Second, she waited until all the financial aid letters came before she made the decision. We never talked about that, she chose to do it on her own, so all those decisions about cost were evidently in her mind. Eckerd was in line cost-wise (after scholarships) with UofRedlands, while the third was going to cost noticeably more. I was just proud to see that the financial piece of it was part of her decision, and gives me more confidence that she’ll be okay in that regard as she moves out on her own.

We’re all pretty excited about this, and while we never put this pressure on her (we never mentioned it), this decision means that we’re not scrambling to sell the house and move out west. Granted, that’s a double-edged sword for me, as I miss living out there. As it stands, we’ll only be an 8ish hour drive away, and we implicitly trust her friend that will be down there with her.

So I’d say things are going pretty well at the moment, but there’s still a lot to do as we approach two proms and graduation. I’ll be trying to update this with what I hope will be helpful information as we move through more milestones and get to move-in day. She’ll be gone most of the summer working on staff at Camp Woodward, so if I’ve got anything to add here, most of it will probably come then while things are a bit slower around the house. If I have some time, I might spew some thoughts on how crazy this college season has been. The denials we’ve seen from her classmates (people who are crazy smart, high test scores, etc) has been mind-boggling. Acceptance rates in general seem really out of whack this year.



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