The Class of 2014 is Out!

(Class photo credit to our school’s Director of Development)

I really meant to post before graduation, but as anyone who’s been through this before probably knows, it gets super busy leading up to the event. We had a bunch of family coming in to town, and spent the weekends leading up to this one working on stuff around the house in preparation for their arrival.

That said, she’s done! She and her class graduated Friday morning, and it was one of the proudest moments of our lives. It honestly doesn’t feel real to me yet, though. We attended baccalaureate Thursday night, and even though the kids all paraded in wearing their caps and gowns, it still didn’t feel like it was marking the end. Even as we made our way into the gym Friday morning, it still really wasn’t hitting us that it would likely be our last time on campus. Pretty sure it hasn’t hit her either, not sure it really will until she steps on Eckerd’s campus in the fall.

Friday night we co-hosted a dinner for our family and the family of her best friend who is also going to Eckerd. Good times were had by all, and because the other family is headed to the beach this weekend, we ended up with all of the leftovers. No complaints here, I love Italian :). Yesterday morning, we had a brunch with the same family at their house, which meant more leftovers for us. These two kids have been best friends since 3rd grade (there’s a whole really cute story behind it I’ll save for another post), so it only felt right to do both parties together.

It’s going to be an interesting summer, and one that should lend more time to me posting stuff about the college transition, as she’ll be working all summer at Camp Woodward in PA. We drive up to NYC this coming Thursday, spend a couple of days up there, and then hop on a boat at Cape Liberty and cruise to Bermuda for a few days (her graduation present from us). After we return, we drop her off at Woodward and don’t see her again until we pick her up in late July. That only gives us a couple of weeks at home before we have to take her down to St Pete for Eckerd’s Autumn Term, which is a really cool concept to introduce the incoming Freshamn to college life, imo.

That drop at Eckerd’s when I’m betting things will finally feel real for all of us, and leaving her there will probably be the hardest thing my wife and I have had to do. Hard, but good. She’s ready 🙂


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